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Red Rebel 

American Saddlebred Stallion

Price:  $5500




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Red, an American Saddlebred Stallion, 

Stands at approx 15:3 hh 

Fantastic opportunity for someone to breed some truly outstanding horses with this rare and hard to come by American Saddlebred Stallion 

Sire of Red: Rebel's El Dorado +AU (American Saddlebred) 

Dam of Red: Ballalaba's Arabella Rose +AU (American Saddlebred) 

I'm a Red Rebel is a pure bred American Saddlebred, 6 year old Stallion who is now available for Purchase. Red has a fantastic temperament and has shown himself to be very trainable. He currently stands at approx 15:3. He has the typical saddlebred high head carraige and beautiful elegant paces. He will add a distictive class and style to any mares he is bred with. 

The Saddlebred is a very versatile breed which is called "the peacock of the showring" .... not only are they used extensively as a show horse, but they also excell in Dressage, Show Jumping, Western, and make outstanding harness horses. They are a true all rounder with an outstanding temperament.






 Registered Hackney Pony,    PBS 3/14
Sire:   Guess When
Dam:   Petite Minuette

A Bay coloured Hackney Pony stallion, who stands at 13 hh, Being true to his name: "Westridge Limited Edition" is exactly that ... as he is one of the last left of the Hackney ponies in New Zealand and the only Hackney stallion available for public stud duties. 

Today finds the Hackney Pony competing in almost every equine activity: from dressage, show jumping, and cross country jumping, to driving,  The Hackney Pony also has a reputation for being tenacious and fearless, qualities that are seen in top-tier show ponies. They are very brave, alert, and active, and possess great stamina. Generally, they have pony character.  Hackneys have a reputation for being friendly toward humans, and are suitable for both show and as companion animals.   Hackney Ponies cross beautifully over Welsh ponies, Shetlands, English Riding ponies, etc

The Hackney Pony is a rare breed in New Zealand, and Spencer is the only Hackney Pony Stallion we know off available for stud duties in New Zealand, therefore, we wish to encourage and promote this special breed, and if anyone has a hackney mare they wish to breed with, please contact us and discuss a breeding plan.  ‚Äč


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