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2018 Childrens School Holiday Programs


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txt: 0225024013



Horse Haven OVER NIGHT Holiday Camps

Bring a tent ....
Bring your riding attire.
Bring a saddle if you have one and any spare girths.
Bring your favourite breakfast food. We will be cooking on a camp fire so bring some food that we can all share in a big cook up. Like Potatoes, carrots, onions, kumera etc. Canned food, spaghetti, beans, tomatoes etc.
Bring a cup, plates, utensils etc remember this is a camp out, so you need to bring some basic camping utensils.
Bring a torch, spare batteries. 
Bring an old pot to cook on.
Bring a chair. 
Bring a smile and a sense of humour.

This is also an alcohol free camp, no alcohol permitted on the camp site.

I also need someone who is good with a video camera and still photography.






Listed are some of the extra programmes we can hold over the holiday period, please let us know if you are interested in any of the following:


1.  Parent and Me Lessons  ... Introductory course where parents are also taught to catch, groom and saddle up the horse and assist there child with this, parents take part in teaching their child how to ride as the instructors assistant. This is great for the parents who also wish to learn some basic horse handleing skills.  This is good preparation before the parent takes the big step of purchasing a horse for there child.  Only the child rides the horse,  this course does not include the parent riding. 

2.  Over night camp outs and riding, learn some camping skills as well as riding skills.  Take part in learning how to train young horses and see how young horses are trained in preparation for riding. Assist with some of the farm work.  This will be for older children 12 years and over.   

3. Problem solving classes, bring your own horse and learn some new skills and how to solve some simple problems you may be having. 

4.  First Horse Owners Training Classes
Are you a parent or a person who is thinking of purchasing your first horse ??  We are offering education courses on horse care which can be carried out during the week.  There is much to know and understand about owning and caring for a horse, there are numerous pitfalls and traps new horse owners can fall into, but with a bit of knowldge you can avoid trouble and make horse ownership fun and a great success.  (See the Learn to Ride section for more details on what this course covers). 




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