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Weather you just wish to learn to ride for pleasure or weather you have ambitions to one day go all the way to the olympics, learning to build a good relationship with your horse as well as a good strong riding seat  is essential.  It is our belief that to have any lasting success at even basic horse riding it is fundermental to begin with learning some of the ABC's.   You may bring your own horse or have the use of one of ours.  These classses are open to children as well as adults,  subject to having a suitable horse for the rider.  All riders are expected to wear horse riding helmets and also riding boots and should consider purchasing these, also if you wish to really advance to jumping and cross country riding we advise that you will also need to purchase a back protector. 


All riders who come to learn with us are taught some basics such as:

  1. Check the girth is tight before mounting the horse
  2. Adjust the stirrups to the right length before mounting the horse
  3. Always hold the reins correctly while mounting and at all other times. 
  4. Exercises for Good Balance and Correct Posture
  5. How to lead the horse.
  6. Correct proceedures for mounting and dismounting.
  7. Staying safe around the horses on the ground and while out riding
  8. We start all our riders off in a round pen untill they have acheived good balance and confidence.

Always check the Girth before mounting and moving off.


We are currently offering these learn to ride courses:  

1.  Introductory Riding Classes: 

Learn all the ABC's:   We will concerntrate on establishing a good independant riding seat, focusing on balance and confidence, then learn to guide the horse through some basic obstacle courses putting your newly learnt skills to the test.  

Great care is taken to start the young rider correctly and safely.  


We start all our riders off in a round pen untill they have acheived good balance and confidence.



Private & group tuition  is $70 per hour 


2.  Parent and Me Lessons  

Introductory class where parents are also taught to catch, groom and saddle up the horse and assist there child with this, parents take part in teaching their child how to ride as the instructors assistant. This is great for the parents who also wish to learn some basic horse handleing skills and participate with the lessons.  This is good preparation before the parent takes the big step of purchasing a horse for there child.  Only the child rides the horse,  this course does not include the parent riding the horse. 




3.  Intermediate Rider  ~ Stage 1

Rider is already able to do the basics of walk, trot, canter and now are ready to ride out.  Learn to ride out in open areas and along tracks.  Jumping training over small obstacles.

We have a great area to ride around and develop good riding skills. 


When the rider is ready they will be taught to pop over small obstacles.


Getting a horse to jump for you is not always as easy as sometimes perceived.




4.  Intermediate Rider  ~ Stage 2

This course is much the same as the Stage 1, Intermediate rider.  Learn to ride your horse at walk, trot and canter with greater control on the flat.  Ride over rough terrain, including up and down steep slopes, complete a  small show jumping round and cross country riding course.  

Mikayla putting Petals through her paces over a small jumping course



Once a rider has completed and past these training courses, they can then decide to go on for training in a specific discipline if they wish. 



First Horse Owners Training Classes

Are you a parent or a person who is thinking of purchasing your first horse ??  Or have you just purchased your first horse ?? We are offering education courses for parents and young adults on first horse ownership and care, which can be carried out during the week.  There is much to know and understand about owning and caring for a horse, there are many pitfalls and traps new horse owners can fall into, but with a bit of knowldge you can avoid trouble and make horse ownership fun and a great success.  


Some of the subjects that will be covered are:


1.  Choosing a suitable Pony or Horse.  Select carefully your new horse.


2. Diet, feeding and paddock management.


3. Exercise requirements for the horse.   


4. Knowing how to judge whether your horse is safe to ride after it has had a few weeks or months off.  


5. Common ailments that can be easily avoided.  


6. When to call a vet, basic first aid for horses. 


7. Saddle fitting and other equipment you need. 


8. How to be safe around your horse, and have fun.


A common sad story we have witnessed and seen repeated many times .... Rachael is all excited about getting a new pony, she has dreamed of this for many years, mum and dad hear of a nice pony that is good and safe, being used by another family, the pony has been to pony club and is a good alrounder, they go out and see it and Rachael gets on for a ride.  It is nice and quiet and well mannered, it never puts a foot wrong.  They decide to buy the pony and bring it home.  It is ridden every other day for the first five weeks or so, but then it rains heavily for a few days and the ground becomes very wet and slippery, plus it is very windy, so it is decided not to ride Stormy until the weather clears up and the ground is dry, the pony is in a nice paddock full of lush grass, it is coming onto spring and feed is not short as the grass grows rapidly.  Stormy enjoys his holiday on the sweet new grass growth with the spring rains.   A couple of weeks holiday for Stormy actually turned into over a month or so, naturally Rachael is keen to ride Stormy  ...  Stormy is feeling refreshed and full of beans after having a nice holiday on all that fresh lush spring grass ... Rachael saddles up and preceeds to get on, but Stormy is no longer the quiet pony he was before, whats happened to him ?  He has got jumpy and silly, strong and hard to handle.  Rachael now has doubts, but gets on anyway and rides across the paddock, only to find that Stormy takes off with much energy and leaps about ... what happened to the nice quiet pony ?  Rachael nearly falls off, mum and dad coach her to go back out into the paddock ... this time, after 5 minutes,  Stormy takes off again, this time leaving Rachael on the ground.   Dad gets mad and says the horse needs sorting out, he catches Stormy and handles him roughly ... a week later they try again with Stormy, but he is still no better, he has become very hard to handle, cannot be lead easily being very head strong, this time he bucks off Rachael several times and one of her friends also.    Stormy is left in the paddock for another month or so and now becomes very fat and very stroppy he is  labeled dangerous and a menace because no one is able to do anything with him.  Mum and Dad decides the pony has to go and that the pony is dangerous and cannot be sold on to another family, so they end up giving him away or selling him cheap to what turns out to be an unscrupulous person.  Of course Rachael is very upset. 

I know of numerous horses that have turned out this way and heard this story repeated over and over. And much of this could easily be avoided with a proper knowledge of horse management and also some basic training in horse handleing.  I was also given a horse under these very curcumstances, being told it had bucked off all the children. I was asked to pickup and ride this very horse to a property about 5 miles away, only to find a horse meat truck was waiting there for it, ready to take it away. I was asked if I wanted the horse.  It was not a hard descision to make.  If I did not want to take the horse he was going to be slaughtered.  I even saw other horses loaded onto the truck, but Dusty I decided to save him from such a fate as he had ridden well for me and I liked him. This horse, whose name was Dusty, bucked off all the children who tried to ride him, he was real fat and in a big paddock full of grass.  He tryed to buck me off twice on that first ride, but I knew what to do and had been fore warned he may try this, so I rode him on the soft sand through the sand dunes all the way to the property we were heading to, he never tryed again in the twelve months I had him.  He became the best Pony Club horse around, having a real heart of gold.  

Friends, be informed about the basic care of your new horse and avoid repeating this too often repeated senario of unnessasary problems and trouble.  The answer to this type of problem can quite often be easily resolved.  Come to our 
first horse owners education course and learn some of the basic insights on horse care and management.  We will give some hands on instruction to help you have success with your new family member, horse can be great fun with the right knowledge and skills. 



Also check out our  "Young Riders Club"  and "The Disciplines" page.




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