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School Holiday program now running

December 2018  ~  Juanary 2019

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Weather you just wish to learn to ride for pleasure or weather you have ambitions to one day go all the way to the olympics, learning to build a good relationship with your horse as well as a good strong riding seat  is essential.  It is our belief that to have any lasting success at even basic horse riding it is fundermental to begin with learning some of the ABC's.   You may bring your own horse or have the use of one of ours.  These classses are open to children as well as adults,  subject to having a suitable horse for the rider.  All riders are expected to wear horse riding helmets and also riding boots and should consider purchasing these, also if you wish to really advance to jumping and cross country riding we advise that you will also need to purchase a back protector. 


All riders who come to learn with us are taught some basics such as:

  1. Check the girth is tight before mounting the horse
  2. Adjust the stirrups to the right length before mounting the horse
  3. Always hold the reins correctly while mounting and at all other times. 
  4. Exercises for Good Balance and Correct Posture
  5. How to lead the horse.
  6. Correct proceedures for mounting and dismounting.
  7. Staying safe around the horses on the ground and while out riding
  8. We start all our riders off in a round pen untill they have acheived good balance and confidence.

Always check the Girth before mounting and moving off.


We are currently offering these learn to ride courses:  

1.  Introductory Riding Classes: 

Learn all the ABC's:   We will concerntrate on establishing a good independant riding seat, focusing on balance and confidence, then learn to guide the horse through some basic obstacle courses putting your newly learnt skills to the test.  

Great care is taken to start the young rider correctly and safely.  


We start all our riders off in a round pen untill they have acheived good balance and confidence.



Private  tuition  is $80 per hour for casual rider.

$70 per hour if booked in for a whole school term


2.  Parent and Me Lessons  

Introductory class where parents are also taught to catch, groom and saddle up the horse and assist there child with this, parents take part in teaching their child how to ride as the instructors assistant. This is great for the parents who also wish to learn some basic horse handleing skills and participate with the lessons.  This is good preparation before the parent takes the big step of purchasing a horse for there child.  Only the child rides the horse,  this course does not include the parent riding the horse. 




3.  Intermediate Rider  

Rider is already able to do the basics of walk, trot, canter and now are ready to ride out.  Learn to ride out in open areas and along tracks.  Jumping training over small obstacles, Start to  ride over rough terrain, including up and down steep slopes,  cross country riding and treking..

We have a great area to ride around and develop good riding skills. 


When the rider is ready they will be taught to pop over small obstacles.


Getting a horse to jump for you is not always as easy as sometimes perceived.










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