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Problem Solving

Some of the common problems people face with there horses:


1.  Horse differcult to catch

2 . Differcult to lead. 

3.  Unable to put the bridle on.

4.  Horse too full of energy, nervous or spooky.

5.  Won't stand still to mount

This list is long and there are many more issues we could add to it, if you have any of these problems or another with your current horse, we may be able to help.  Some times there is no over night solution but, after many years of owning horses, we have found that most of the common problems are easy to over come. 

Differcult to catch ...

Pictured above are a couple of young horses running freely in there paddock ...  many times this is as close some horse owners get to their horse and have the problem of not being able to catch their little brutes and just seem to find them running rings around them for an hour as if laughing at us... this is a common problem and one that I have personnally had over the years.  After spending many frustrating hours and spending all my valuble energy and riding time on chasing my horse around and around, one day I had an awakening to a better way and discovered that it is not differcult to train a horse to come to you when it is called, or even better to have it gallop to you when they see you arrive !!!  My friends ... take the time to teach your horse to come and also enjoy your company and want to be with you.  Their is no better feeling than to see your horse gallop across to you when it sees you arrive !!


Differcult to Lead ...

Nothing worse than a horse that dioes not lead ... one that refuses to go or even turns on you and rips the lead out of your hand and gallops off. These are common problems and ones that can be overcome with training.   

Nervous and spooky ...

Many horses lack confidence especially when they are young ... there are some simple steps you can take to help a horse with this problem.  Firstly I would look at the horses diet and also its level of training.

Too full of energy ...

This is a very common problem and one that can sometimes be easily to be resolved.  The first thing I would look at is the horses diet and the amount to work they are doing in a week.  Also we would need to see if the horse is suited to the rider and that the rider is not "over horsed".  



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