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Young Horse Handling and Training


The ealier the horse is started in its training, quiet often the better off and easier it will be later on as it grows.  We have found that not all horses are the same and some that have never been handled at all till they are two or three years of age can sometimes be easier to work with than the ones that have been handeled regularly right from birth.   This all comes down to the individual temperament and also the skill of the horses trainer. 

We are offering a service to train and start young horses and also to teach about this art.  We beleive It  is very important to take the time to train a young horse properly so that when it is time to ride it for the first time all should go smoothly.  Keeping the horse calm and trusting the handlers is of utmost importance.  


We will be holding horsemanship classes throughout the year as young horses are avaliable to work with. 

Please Contact Us if you have a young horse that you need assistance with and would like us to train or you wish to attend one of our horsemanship classes.    


Pictured above is our young 3 year old appaloosa filly being trained for riding ... she is seen here trotting around nice and calmly on her second ride.  

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