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This weekend we have a great opportunity to do some teaching and training with some of our ponies. 
We will be open from 9am -12 for grooming and pony care, both on Saturday and Sunday morning. 

We wish to continue to have these horse care days every weekend if the weather allows.

We will be covering all the basics of Horsemanship: catching, leading, grooming, hoof trimming and care, mane and tail care. 
Tacking Up ... lunging and more. 

The horses and ponies are moulting and it is a great time to bring them in to start grooming them and get them ready for the new riding season. Also great for everyone to learn all about grooming and some of the basics of looking after ponies, this is an excellent time to gain confidence around horses and learn many basics of horsemanship. 

This is open to both adults and children with the cost of $30 per person per morning.

We are located at Horse Haven Riding Academy, 131 Wairoa Road, Te Puna.
Ph Michelle 021 301 431 or 5799049 evenings

# good footwear is essential
# no feeding the ponies treats allowed (unless you want to loose your fingers)
# parking cars at the front of house please.
# stables at back of house and around through the gate to right. 

Kindest regards





A group of happy young children who came out to learn all about horses with us recently. 


As a member of the club,  you will be able to help at Horse Haven after school, at weekends or during school holidays.

Membership will be obligatory for all children wishing to stay at the stables and on our property unattended by parents.

Horses can be intimidating as this young lady found out when introduced to our horse Chantelle.


  • Safe and fun instruction
  • Training in stable and paddock care so members are safe around our horses and ponies
  • Greater awareness and understanding of horse behaviour
  • Chance to work as a team and all the help and support that brings
  • Support and confidence for new riders

We want all our members to learn lots about horses but most of all we want you to have fun!



The best time of day is  early in the morning when we go out to bring in the horses.


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