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HHORSE HAVEN'S Zarna Spanish Nite Time

Purebred Hackney Horse

Zarna is only one of a handful of purebred Hackney horses left in New Zealand.  I have decided to breed from her before she gets much older.  She has produced two Palomino Colt foals to our pony stud Iceman.   The Hackney are quite often bred with the welsh, and are also compared to the American Saddlebred in type.  Zarna is now running with our Hackney stallion, "West Ridge Limited Edition" to produce a purebred Hackney offspring.


Horse Haven's STARLIGHT


A beautiful Pinto mare hich we have bred to Red, our American Saddlebred Stallion.  Starlight has produced a beautiful pinto filly foal and is again pregnant to Red. We expect the foal to stand at 16hh when fully matured, and to have a fantastic and kind disposition just like her parents.


Horse Haven's TINKER


A GENTLE NATURED mare who is in foal to our HACKNEY PONY stallion Westridge Limited Edition. 





Klondike Galaxy,   ( Lexi)

Purebred Section B Welsh, Reg: 1869, 12:2hh

Reg NZWPCS & NZGHS her sire has been many times NZ Royal supreme champion, 2x NZ silver medal winner & Sec B sire rating winner 2000-2001 and 2002-2003 seasons

Sire: Bendigo Polestar

Dam: Klondike Kiana


This season Lexi has been bred to our colt Road Runner.  So far she has procuced two Cremello foals, one palomino foal and a chestnut foal with four stockings. 

Our breeding colt Iceman was one of her colt foals, shown at three years old. 

She produced a Palomino filly this season.


Wairua falls Sapphire, Pearl

Riding Pony,  13:2hh

Sire: Blue Confession, English Riding Pony

Dam: Klondike Kiana Welsh (Bendigo Polestar x Greenlee Blondie)

Pearl is related to Klondike Galaxy.   Pearl  has produced some outstanding offspring.


Pearls outstanding foals pictured below, Cairo now 4 yrs old and standing at 14:2hh

Another foal, Tinker now three years old.




Mikado Super Chic

Sire: Plaudit Flash Fox, Appaloosa

Dam: Sunrise Chiquitta, Appaloosa

This beautiful mare has a fantastic nature which she passes onto her foals.  

Below are two of Super Chic's foals. 

Xtra Flash Chic:

Super Star Chic:


Meersbrooke Starla, (Tuppence)

Sire: Meersbrooke Sparhawk (Show Jumping)

Dam: Meersbrooke Balmain

Pictured here with a colt foal, Maestro MSL, sired by Romanoff MSL

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