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Kiwi Custom Saddles are offering a line of custom made western saddles espicially with the New Zealand horse and rider and mind.  

Our saddles are built tough and made to last a lifetime of real use.  Made with quality leather and hardware by some of the worlds best saddle makers.  We can custom make a saddle to your own specifications or you can select a saddle that we already have in stock ready to ship out to you.   We offer a saddle fitting service ... to help you decide wheather a particular saddle is right for you and your horse.  


Also check out our range of headstalls and breastplate sets, plus a selection of Hand Crafted Rawhide Bosals and tack.  We also have Custom made Mohair Cinches to secure your saddle, please scroll down to veiw a selection of these items.   



Saddles in Stock Ready to Ship.


Saddle No. 1501


"The Texan" A Fork, High Backed Wade Saddle, Rough Out Seat and Fenders

Great working saddle for everyday riding, built tough.  Choose from a 15, 16 or 17 inch seat, Full Quarter Horse Bars, 7 inch Gullet, 26 inch rounded butterfly skirts, great for the horse with the short back.  Hamely pre twisted stirrups. Double Rigged, can be roped from.  Buck Rolls Can be aded to this Saddle.  Different coloured leather and tooling avaliable.

$2250  (Three weeks delivery)


 Saddle No. 1502


"The CLASSIC" A Fork, Wade Saddle,

Great working saddle for everyday riding, built tough.  Choose from a 15, 16 or 17 inch seat, 4 inch cantle, Full Quarter Horse Bars, 7 inch Gullet, 26 inch rounded  skirts, great for the horse with the short back.  Hamely pre twisted stirrups. Double Rigged, can be roped from.  Buck Rolls come standard with this Saddle.  Different coloured leather and tooling avaliable.

$2550  (Three weeks delivery)



Saddle No. 1503

Classic Wade Saddle with Padded Seat  ~ Order today .... 3 weeks delivery


Classic Wade Saddle with 16 inch padded Seat,  FQHB, 7 inch Gullet, Removable Buck Rolls, Hamley pre turned stirrups, Professionally hand made and tooled. 

Hit the trails with this Classic Wade saddle, as used by many top clinicians and horse trainers.  

This is a lighter weight saddle but built to last. It comes from Texas. Just to let you know, the concho strings are not nailed to the tree, the strings loop thru the tree, you can lift these saddles by the strings, all the Dees are solid stainless steel and you can pull a big rig truck with it, most people are building saddles using nickel plated stuff from China which can quickly shatter and break. No cutting any corners on the build of these saddles. The hides used are twice as tough as most hides, because they are only tanned with vegetable tannins, they are tough when new, and takes a while to break them in, most companies like Herman Oak have butter soft hides, but they don't last as long, but they feel and look luxurious. 

Great for a short backed horse ~ 26 inch skirt 

Wade 15 or 16 inch with padded seat. 
Buck Rolls 
Full QH Bars, 
7 inch gullet, 
Super strong double fibre tree, 
A fork swell, 
3 inch horn with a 4 inch cap, 
mule-hide wrap, 
7/8ths Montana flat plate rigging, stainless steel hardware, 
21 inch fenders with belvin buckles for quick adjustment, 
breast collar dees, 
synthetic shearling, 
leather bound 5 inch cantle with a pencil roll, comes with 6 strings, 
latigo keepers, 
comes with billets, off billet, latigo and a rear cinch strap. 





Saddles that can be Custom Ordered ~ $3450   

After a saddle in a particular size and style ??? We can custom order a saddle in for you.  Allow up to 2 months to have these saddles made and delived to you.  You can order seat sizes from 13 inch right through to 18 inch and all the 1/2 sizes also.  SQHB or FQHB ... light, medium or dark oil.   Other options ....  such as matching bridle, breastplate and tapaderos.  Different Stirrup options and much more.  


 Saddle No. 2505


Will James  ~  Work and Ranch Saddle

Can be ordered in n13 inch through to an 18 inch seat, FQHB, 7 inch gullet, 27 inch skirt, light, medium or Dark Oil, Roughout Seat and Fenders,  Rawhide bound hardwood tree, Six Saddle Strings, 

Come’s with a long latigo, Billets and a Rear cinch.

$3450 + frieght
 custom ordered ~ 2 months delivery.


Saddle No. 2506


High Quality Wade saddle ~ 26 1/2 inch skirt ~ Full Quarter Horse Bars

Custom Order 13 inch through to 18 inch seat,  Roughout Seat and Fenders for maximum grip ...  7 inch gullet,  12 inch bar spread, Full Quarter Horse bars.  

Medium or light Oil,  Double rigged ... designed for all day riding, great for trekking, farm work and designed for roping.  This is a high quality saddle that won't dissapoint.  Beautifully hand tooled, Brass Hardware, Strong and durable rawhide bound tree.  

Price: $3500


This saddle in not in Stock 

 2 Month delivery

Saddle No. 2507

Team Roper, with padded seude seat.  


Saddle No. 2508

Wade ~ Custom designed. 

Light oil roughout  seat and fenders, Medium Oil Skirt , swells and jockies, Padded Seat, Hoof pick holder, hobble holder, mule hide wrap horn,

27 inch skirt, 7/8ths flat plate double rigged. Hamely pre twisted stirrups.



Saddle No. 2509

Wade saddle with Silver laced cheyene roll, roughout seat and fenders or smooth side up ... your choice.  


Saddle No. 2510

A Fork, Deep Seated Wade

 Roughout (Or grainout if you want),  A Fork swells ,  Rawhide covered wooden tree with leather ground work,  3" horn - 5" cap ,  7/8ths Flat Plate rigging , 5" Cantle ,  Full leg swing ,  13" wide seat with 1 1/2" dish ,  Hand Tooled Barbwire Trim ,  Brass Dees and Hardware,  Hamley Twist Stirrups,  26" adjustable fenders for longer or shorter legs,   Blevin quick adjusters,  3 inch numbered stirrup leathers,  Real one inch thick shearling wool lining,  27" rounded skirts,  approx 42 lbs 



Saddle No. 3501

Childs trekking saddle ~ loaded with xtras ~ strong and safe

Pictured below on our 13:2hh NZ Riding Pony, it fits her perfectly.


Pony Wade Western Saddle, Different models and sizes avalaible.

This pony saddle features a 12 inch seat,  5 3/4 inch Gullet, 22 inch skirt, taperderos, double rigged, saddle bags and much more.  

Can be roped from ... rawhide bound wood tree, strong for the roughest, toughest child rider.

 $1800 + freight  

2 Month delivery



Breastplates ... that can be ordered for your horse or pony



Strapping goods .... 



Stirrups and Tapaderos 



Saddle Bags


Mohair Cinches

The quality of Mohair for making Cinches has not been surpassed by any other type of material.  Time proven and trusted, strong and durable.

Order a cinch in your choice style, colour and length. 



Standard 17 strand Cinch


27 Strand Roping Cinch




Finest Quality Rawhide Tack, Hand Crafted in Peru.


Handcrafted Mecate Reins


Curb Straps and Bit Hobbles


Hand crafted Bosals, 100% Rawhide (Hackamore)



Hand Crafted Mecate Reins, for using with the Bosal, made from Mohair.


The reins come in all different colour designs and sizes.



The complete training books to teach you how to go from bosal to bit





Bridle and breastplate sets, dress your horse in style ... 



High Quality Amish made Tack.  Made to last a life time with proper care.  

This set pictured below is the type of harness worn in the 1920's -1940's and is a replica of a vintage set.  It is very stylish, and extremely well made.



Tips on saddle fitting

Some western saddles are better designed than others, and correctly fitting a western saddle can be quite different to fitting an english saddle.    I will consider doing a trade on some saddles, but they need to be in good order and very well made.  

Here are some points to head you in the right direction in saddle fitting:
#First your saddle should really have some flare at the front of the bars so they do not dig straight into your horses shoulders. If the bars at the shoulder are too straight you could have problems.  
#Second your western saddle would be best if it is double rigged (comes with a front and a rear girth). If you only have a front girth, when you tighten the front girth it could have a tendency to tilt the front of the saddle bars straight into your horses shoulders, and the back of the saddle may lift up, bounce on the horses back firing up his back.  This can also happen if you ride the horse with the rear girth loose.  The front and rear girths need to be of a fairly equal tension, not the front real tight and the back loose.  With both girths of an equal tension will help make sure that the saddle is sitting correctly as it is designed.  Always make sure both girths are joined together with a joining strap, other wise as one lady told us the other day, the rear girth turned into a buck strap because she did not have the two girths strapped together. She hit the ground hard that day.
# Thirdly,  When you sit your saddle on your horses back and position it in the correct place you should be able to slide your hand under at the front of the bars freely, it should not be so tight you cannot slide your hand between the shoulder and the front bars of the saddle. The gullet width I cannot determine for you without sighting your horse, fitting some saddles or taking some measurements.  

# To measure the gullet of your western saddle, place your measuring tape between the two conchos at the front of the saddle. Due to some saddles having a good flare on the front of the bars, some people get caught out with incorrect measurements of the gullet.  So the gullet measurement is literally in between the two conchos, you have to have a measuring tape that bends and place it at the very underside points of where the conchos are. The point of measurement  will be several inches inside from the front of the bar.  Many of the saddles advertised on trademe I have found to have incorrectly measured gullets, and many of the other specifications given are incorrect also.  

# The skirt length does not want to be too long as it will make the back of the saddle dig into the horses loins, So always take note of the length of the skirt and that it should not go back past the horses flank or last rib. 



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