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Official website of Davidoff, German Riding Pony, sire to many successful Ponies throughout New Zealand and sire to our Pony Stallion Romanoff.
Tauranga Saddlery Ltd
Tauranga's only Equestrian Specialty Store, selling New and Used Horse equipment and saddlery. Also a stockest of quality horse feeds.

cnr Marshall Ave and SH29, Barkes Corner, Greerton, Tauranga.

Ph 07 5431075

The Straw Warehouse
Quality Stockfeed specialist, hay, grain, straw, haylage. ph 07 8270105
Magnum Industries
Makers of Horse Walkers, Stables, Stable hardware, grain crushers, Farm gates, Horse rails.
How to Acheive Calm Healthy Horses
The purpose of this website is to help you understand what is going on with your horse. If your horse is anything but calm and healthy then a good place to start your investigations should be the diet. The number of health and behaviour issues that are caused by what horses eat is unbelievable!
Dune Lake Lodge

Dune Lakes Lodge ... 'raising awareness for our projects working with 'at risk' & special needs children, troubled youth and horses.

Child & Youth Development Programmes
Corporate Leadership & Team Building
'Life Skills' Residential Kids Camps
Retreats and Weekend Getaways
NZ-HALO - Equine Assisted Growth & Learning
Horses - A New Paradigm in Self Discovery
Horses in Schools Programmes

Horsemanship New Zealand
What is Horsemanship? It is most simply defined as the art of riding, training and managing horses. This obviously encompasses every aspect of owning or caring for them, from nose to tail, inside and out, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Aside from the care and management, "Horsemanship" refers to 'the way you go about things. Here is the best definition I could come up with:

"...The Art of Gaining Compliance from the Horse without Bringing out his need for Self-Preservation (without troubling, confusing, scaring, blaming, offending, or hurting him)..."

Sara Linton Equine Therapies and Saddle Fitting
I believe the saddles that we use influence the shape our young horses’ backs for the future. I see so many high shark finned withered, sway backed, muscle wasted horses and believe that most of that shape is cause by ill fitting saddles.
Renegade Hoof Boots
The Renegade ® Hoof Boot Is the result of this quest which lasted over three calendar years and consumed an estimated 20,000 "man hours" of development time, coupled with simultaneous "field testing" by over a dozen competition endurance-horse and rider teams covering thousands and thousands of training and competition miles on some of the most rugged terrain in the southwest.
Balanced Equine Nutrition and Hoofcare
Nutrition and hoofcare go hand in hand

For independent advice on feeding horses and mineral balanced diets select Balanced Equine Nutrition with Carol Layton.

For the very best hoofcare for performance and rehabilitation, and for mentoring and hoof boot fitting (Easycare and Renegades) select Balanced Equine Hoofcare with Rob Howden. Rob is available for the Gloucester and northern Newcastle region in NSW.

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